Where's my nest?

Oh, man. It has been SO cold here lately. We've had snow a handful of times already when we're usually lucky if we're blessed with snow once a winter. My daughter loves the snow, but I grew up in the North (like a wildling?) and I am definitely not a fan. We moved south to escape the yucky white stuff, but it follows me around like a stray dog. UGH.

All day I just wanted to climb into my bed with a huge down blanket (that we no longer have) and make a nest. An adult fort, if you will. I wanted to sleep in this cozy nest while the hours passed me by.

No such luck.

I had to get my dear daughter from school, so I settled for a 20 minute power nap on the couch. It was cold. Like I said.


cold weather meme.jpg

Welcome to my humble abode!

It's the new year, and I have so much I want to accomplish. On my list you'll find:

  • Exercise. A little yoga here, a little pilates there, do some push-ups anywhere... Meditate.
  • Eat more healthy, whole, real food. Veggies. Fruit. (including beans, which are the MAGICAL fruit!)
  • Read, read, READ. Learn. Aim to know more, while realizing I know less than I think I do.
  • Calm the eff down!!! Good Lordy, I'm irritable! Maybe the first two steps will help with that. 

Maybe these few things will help me achieve some inner peace so that my family finds me more pleasant to be around. Hell, I would like to find myself more pleasant. Even I am annoyed by me sometimes. 

Which reminds me of another goal:

  • Love myself. Be kind to myself. Speak kindly of myself. Never give up. This is easy to forget. I will try and remind myself daily.

What are you aiming for this year? This month? This week? Today? Now?


You Will Shine.jpg